Pokémon TCG – Paldea Evolved Booster

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Scarlet & Violet—Paldea Evolved is set to bring in a fresh batch of Pokémon ex, boasting impressive HP and formidable attacks and Abilities. However, these Pokémon ex come with a risk, as they will require Trainers to surrender two Prize cards upon being Knocked Out. Additionally, Tera Pokémon ex, such as Slowking, Forretress, and Dedenne, will also make an appearance in the new expansion. These Pokémon will be showcased in full-art illustrations that beautifully capture the unique crystal effects of the characters.

Moreover, Trainers can look forward to a range of new art styles for the illustration rare and special illustration rare cards. This means that collectors can now add unique art cards that highlight the personality traits or Evolutions of their favorite Pokémon to their collection.

• Each pack contains 10 cards.